[ANN] Shafer Media Offers Dan's Books in New Form, Upgrades Vol. 1

Dan Shafer revdan at danshafer.com
Thu Aug 25 20:29:50 EDT 2005

Fellow Revolutionaries:


I know you're busy like me so I don't want to force you to wade  
through six paragraphs to get to the bottom-line message. Here are  
the highlights of this announcement:

* Shafer Media is now selling an updated version of my Vol. 1  
"Software at the Speed of Thought" as a SmartEBook (electronic form,  
other goodies included, self-updating)
* All of my Rev books will be released as SmartEBooks, effective  
* While they last, printed copies of the old Vol. 1 are available  
through my store (http://www.shafermediastore.com/tech_main.html) for  
$24.95 + shipping & handling, a savings of $12.05 over the old price.

Now here's the deathless prose for those inclined to indulge:


While a formal announcement will be released on Tuesday, I wanted to  
give the amazing members of this iist a heads-up about some exciting  
news concerning the publication of my ongoing series of books about  

RunRev and my company, Shafer Media, have agreed that Shafer Media  
will become the official press of Revolution and assume  
responsibility for publishing, marketing, and distribution of the  
current and future titles in my "Software at the Speed of Thought"  
series, effective immediately.

At the same time, Shafer Media is announcing a new, revised and  
slightly expanded version of the first volume in what was once  
planned as a three-volume set of books. The new edition of that  
volume is now available in electronic form only from http:// 
www.shafermediastore.com/tech_main.html. Over 100 corrections and  
clarifications have been made in this new release in response to  
feedback from dozens of readers. This eBook is available through the  
Shafer Media Store right now for Windows and OSX for $29.95. (An OS 9  
version may happen if we can resolve some technical glitches.)

Not only that (I'm starting to sound like a Ginzu knife salesman  
here, I know, but there's lots to say), all of these eBooks --  
including the two released topical eBooks on Rev as a CGI and Rev  
Custom Properties -- are being delivered using innovative new  
SmartEBooks(tm) technology. For you as a reader, this means that the  
eBooks will keep themselves current automatically when you open them,  
just like software does. It also means many SmartEBooks will consist  
not only of PDF files but also of accompanying audio video, text, and  
software code files (source and/or binary) in a single downloadable  
package. For example, Volume 1 of the Rev series, when delivered as a  
SmartEBook, has all of the major sample stacks and laboratory  
exercises included as Rev stacks you can run, tweak, take apart, play  
with, and learn from.

RunRev will continue to sell the book as a SmartEBook via their site  
store. All other titles in the series will be available only through  
the Shafer Media Store (http://www.shafermediastore.com).

What about printed books, you ask? Well, we still have a limited  
number of copies of the print edition avaialble for sale. They, of  
course, do not have the additions and corrections I made in the  
second edition being released today as a SmartEBook. We plan to offer  
a print-on-demand solution for those who want a hard copy of the  
second edition but we are still searching for a reliable, affordable  
outlet for that product. Stay tuned for another announcement soon.  
Meanwhile, I'm dropping the price on the remaining printed copies  
from $37 to $24.95 plus shipping & handling while supplies last,  
which probably won't be long.

Dan Shafer, Information Product Consultant and Author
Get my book, "Revolution: Software at the Speed of Thought"
 From http://www.shafermediastore.com/tech_main.html

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